ch solidrock pyromaniac wwpd

L2-HGA & DNA HC Clear by parentage​

DOB: 27th November, 2010

14 Sep 2014 –  SBT Club of Northern NSW Inc – 1st Aus Bred dog and Opp Aus Bred In Show
SBTC of NNSW [CH]  Judge Mr J Samby (UK)


Good head type. Nice ears and eyes. Had a good bite. Nice short neck and bend of stifle. Moved with drive.
Mr J Samby –  (UK)

13 Sep 2014  – SBT Club of Northern NSW Inc – Reserve Dog Challenge & OPPOSITE AUS BRED IN SHOW
SBTC of NNSW [CH] Judge Mr S Whitehouse –  (UK)


B/B of top quality, in good condition, well put down, lots to like about this dog, cracking head, good ear carriage,
leveltop line, good shoulders and front well angled back end. RCC

Mr S Whitehouse –  (UK)